Mar 16th New VPS Nodes

We're proud to announce we have added 6 additional nodes in our Dallas location to help with demand.  We have also changed our bandwidth policy, instead of being suspended after using your allotment, we will rate limit you to 5mbps; So if your plan has 1TB of bandwidth, you get 1TB of 1gbps traffic and then unlimited 5mbps thereafter. 

Aug 6th New Dedicated Servers

We have added some new bare metal servers to our lineup, with plans to add plenty more in the future.   E3-1270v3 (4 cores @ 3.5GHz) 32GB DDR3 RAM 480 GB SSD Storage 10TB Bandwidth @ 1GBPS /27 IPv4 Subnet (30 usable addresses) Only $59.99 a month!   We will be expanding our offerings in the coming months, if you have any recommendations ... Read More »

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